Thursday, 9 February 2012

Parliament paintings - bodies the colour of cement

I managed to get in a good few hours of painting today and after all the concern and procrastination, I actually feel like I got somewhere! I'm really quite enjoying painting in the studio and although I prefer an easel, the set up here is quite nice. I end up standing mostly, which is (they say) the best way to paint anyway.

So in this session I concentrated on the cement bodies of the bottle dancers. As you can see below, the colours of the bodies fit in much better with the skirts. I used very rough brush strokes to show the rough nature of the cement. I layered light over dark (wet-on-wet) brush strokes and used a fine watercolour brush to add some expression details to the faces. I especially like the way the figures' backs are to the light - it presents an interesting challenge for me.

The background is disturbing me at the moment and as mentioned earlier I want to add some additional details from the photos. This will probably include trees, and possibly some extra bottle figures.

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