Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Back to business

Now that the gallery is up and running I'm getting back into painting and plan on setting aside a few hours a week to work first on the Parliament painting series, and then a new project that's been mulling in my head.

The studio in the gallery is absolutely perfect to work in as it is...well, a studio. Lots of space, tables, light, paints and best of all I don't have to run an extension cord from the house to get a bit of heating (like the shed in the garden)!

First order of business is to complete the Water Carrier and Bottle Dancer paintings which have been sitting in the shed for 9 months. I've dusted them off and put them in the studio for inspection and mulling.

Another project I'm starting is to decorate in some way the studio itself. It's a rather bland white room at the moment. Something on the walls will be nice!